Women are an Important Link in the US Armed Forces

Over the past decade, the U.S. military has taken significant steps to create a more diverse and inclusive force that attracts the country’s talented people. In particular, in recent years, troops have opened up more opportunities for women by lifting restrictions on their participation in hostilities. Women play an increasingly important role in all parts of the US military, and 2022 will bring even more important changes.

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In the United States, women have been allowed to serve in the army since 1991. For example, they had the right to participate in ground operations, but without direct contact with the enemy. For the right to serve on an equal basis with men, and in the hottest spots, American women fought for a long time, and 6 years ago they achieved results. Female soldiers were allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars, and command soldiers on the battlefield; serve in rangers, “green berets”, “seals”, in the marines, airborne troops.

The First Female National Guard Soldier

Laurie Robinson completed a special operations training course and joined the task force after being made possible by the 2015 lifting of the ban on women in hostilities. She is also the first female graduate of the modern Special Forces Commander Training Course. She will become one of the Green Berets, an elite military special training unit in charge of confidential missions overseas.

Laurie Robinson said that the military is a real meritocracy. And added that they all start on the same level with the same oath. She claimed that today’s military is much more gender-integrated than ever before. Women are no longer excluded from combat missions of any kind.

Army General Ann Dunwoody became the first female four-star general in 2008. Since then, five more women have received this title. US Army Sgt. Tres Bienne Adams said that seeing women graduate from Ranger School or graduate from the Basic Marines and succeed is truly a wonderful opportunity, and she is just in awe of what women are achieving in the military today.

Women and Elite Forces

During the First World War, about 22 thousand women worked in the medical services of the army and navy as nurses and support personnel, and another 11 thousand women served in the navy as stenographers, clerks, radio operators, messengers, truck drivers, gunners, mechanics and cryptographers. At this time the number of women in the Air Force and Navy is now almost five times higher than in the 1970s, and the number of female recruits in the military has tripled over the same period. So, the military is committed to equal pay for equal work. Regardless of your gender, your salary will be equal to the rate of other people with the same experience and qualifications.

President Harry Truman signed the Women’s Integration into the Armed Forces Act on June 12, 1948, which allowed women to become full members of the Armed Forces, both in peacetime and in wartime. However, section 502 of the Act limited their responsibilities by excluding them from the crews of naval aircraft and ships that may be involved in hostilities. Only in 2015 did women have the opportunity to perform all functions, including combat ones.